Building Futures

The Building Futures Employment Society (FUTURES) Building Futures campaign aims to raise funds required to support the agency’s major expansion plans. There is a need for increased space to provide a safe, clean and productive environment for the growing number of people accessing our services. Our response to this need is a new building on our current site of 61 Glendale Ave.

The success of the Building Futures campaign will enable the addition of a lunch / staff room area for employees. Additional workspace is required to accept new business, to increase current contracts and to address the FUTURES waitlist. A new building will also offer office space for Employment staff and employees.

In essence, the businesses and programs of FUTURES have outgrown the current building space. Achievement of the Building Futures fundraising goals will enable FUTURES to construct a new facility from which to promote a fully accepting society through empowering people with disabilities to contribute to the community.

To continue its level of quality service within the community, FUTURES’ goal is to raise funds necessary to construct a new building on our current site at a cost of $1.5-million.

Picture of the proposed expansion.